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An Empyrean soldier tasked with obliterating enemy forces by using heavy firearms. As high muscle mass was required to become a Launcher, it was considered to be an occupation not fit for females. However, a select few women persevered through the brutal training, overcoming this misconception. They became figures of admiration through their ability to swiftly use extremely weighty heavy firearms.

Armed with talent and zeal, these highly trained soldiers have complete command over a wide array of heavy firearms. As long as they can attain high levels of destruction, they do not care about the pain of shedding sweat and blood from behind enemy lines.


DNF Duel






Page Updated:  June 26th, 2022

This extremely tall woman took a page or two out of Cable's book. She sure is lanky and taller than you'd expect from her screenshots and artwork. Hilariously, she can materialize all sorts of guns and artillery seemingly out of nowhere. (Pretty much exactly what 2B does with swords, but with guns.) It's as if you're playing a shooting game when you choose her in DNF Duel.

That said, Launcher is a pretty interesting 2D fighting game character. I'm not sure I can think of another fighting game character who can pull out so many different types of guns, grenades, missiles, and the like. The 2nd amendment is strong with this one.

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