Keith Wayne


Keith Wayne is a reoccurring character in the Power Instinct series, making his first appearance in the first game. Keith is self-centered and conceited. He was a misunderstood youth, who at one time was part of a gang. But the strong, unrivaled love of his father was what made him leave. His one and only best friend was the leader of the gang, who he still hangs out with once in awhile.

Keith enjoys to spend time at his father's gym. and once he left his gang, have been practicing different disciplines. He got interested in practicing fighting techniques after watching the film Rocky he actually is fan of that series of movies and took Rocky Balboa as role model he even started to drink raw eggs for breakfast.

During the 16th Goketsuji tournament, he met Otane Goketsuji in her young form and had a crush on her, but later he learned that Otane wasn't interested on him and that she was kinda old for him too. But fortunately for Keith, on that same tournament he met Annie Hamilton who has certain physical resemblance with young Otane. The following year he begun to court Annie and next year they started a relationship. Eventually they got married and in the year 1997 their son, Chris Wayne was born.

FUN FACT: According to the development staff his appearance was inspired on the actor River Phoenix.

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Power Instinct




Power Instinct 2, Power Instinct: Matrimelee, Power Instinct: Bonnou Kaihou

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