Annie Hamilton

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Annie Hamilton is a reoccurring character in the Power Instinct series, first appearing in the original game. The romanization of her name changed from "Annie" to "Anny" in Matrimelee, where she also got a redesigned appearance. Annie's design was inspired by a member of the game's development team, in addition to taking inspiration from an all-female musical theater group named "Takarazuka Kagekidan".

Annie is a compassionate woman who was born into a rich family. She is, however, overbearing and bossy, due to her spoiled upbringing. Despite this, she loves animals and children, and currently has 6 dogs, 4 cats, 3 horses and a turtle named Kensington.

During the events that occurred in Power Instinct, Annie saw Otane in her youthful form performing the "Koushokuheki", which is practically the same as her "Rainbow Barrier". Annie prefers that her techniques are unique to her and for that reason she stopped using it, developing a new attack called Rainbow Rise.

Desperate to get Keith's attention, Annie's intentions are to get access to the best beauty treatments to polish her womanly attributes. Annie hopes that after combining beautiful looks with her classy personality, Keith will definitely fall in love with her. She was successfull as Keith and her eventually had a son, Chris Wayne.

FUN FACT: Keiko Ijuu was in charge of Annie's design and by the development time of Power Instinct 2, Range Murata, the main illustrator, changed Annie´s hair style arguing that for him it was hard to draw it in the way it was in the first Power Instinct and also he said it was difficult to animate correctly in game. Keiko wasn't happy with the change, because for her, Annie's hairdo was one of her main features.


Power Instinct



Power Instinct 2, Power Instinct: Matrimelee, Power Instinct: Bonnou Kaihou


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