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Ciel / Xie
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Ciel (or Xie) is a rollerskating girl that hangs out with King and Xeno at the beginning of the last opening. Ciel was born to a wealthy family, along boys with strong and serious personalities... Whom she has been able to defeat. This girl was born brainless and with a carefree personality, and little care for her life. She often goes into rollerskating trips, to the point rollerskates have become part of her body.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang





Page Updated:  Sept. 26th, 2020

What do you know about Xie / Ciel? This gal doesn't look like a fighter at first glance... Visually, she kinda resembles Ai - who she seems to take some inspiration from, along wiith Arcana Heart's Lilica (not only due to the rollerskates, but also some of her attacks). In-game, Ciel surprised me... because her fighting style really impressed me! Xie has a ton of fluid animations and some badass kicking techniques. Her fighting style also seems to take inspiration from SFXT's Poison and Lili, but she's definitely not a rip-off of any kind. She also gives Lili a run for her money in the flexibility department... ;) This girl can kick! 

Overall, Ciel is a distinguishable design in XDZW and has an aesthetic fighting style and look. I'll even go on record and say Ciel is probably the coolest (and most unknown) fighting game character on skates. Sorry Grace... you could take some notes from this gal.

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