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King is the kind of guy that falls asleep during the college exams. His father arranged a good academic life for him, with the idea that King should take over the family business, but he was dismissive of the effort and obsession of his father and chose an easy life. In addition to traveling around the world, King spends most of his spare time surfing and rock climbing, and leisure time with his dog best friend. However, the person he most respects and keeps near to his heart is his grandfather; although hes old, he taught King the way of enlightenment and martial arts, that has a profound impact on his life. King appears in the opening movie and tutorial of XDZW, alongside his teammates: Ciel and Xeno.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang





Page Updated:  July 4th, 2019

Indeed, King is a pure Chinese bootleg of Ryu, in terms of how he fights. He's got Hadoukens, Shoryukens and Hurricane Kicks galore. For that very reason, I have to admit he's actually fun to use in Xuan Dou Zhi Wang... especially for a shoto-user like myself. He's an easy character to learn right off that bat, and the game's tutorial even starts you off using King.

To his credit, most of King's priority moves are very original and alot of his basic attacks look cool and hit hard. Cool voice actor too... "Puuuncha!!!" On a side note: I'm surprised they gave him the name "King". The dev-team are clearly fighting game fans... it's not like they've never heard of King from Tekken and King from KOF. Weird.

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