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Ai is a federal agent who's mission is to stop WAREZ. Like her partner Yuki, she has based all her moves on old Neo-Geo games. The most notable is Neo Poke-Kin (Neo-Geo Pocket mascot) who is incorporated into her moves and attacks. In addition, she has her own Neo-Geo Pocket which she uses in certain attacks and she also closely resembles Comet from Card Fighters Clash.
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Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

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SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Jan. 4th, 2023

A girl who plays NeoGeo Pocket?!! ...waifu material. ^__^ (Interesting I ended up married to a woman who loves video games in real life.) NGPC is a legendary system. I'm down for competitive Card Fighters Clash any day of the week. It was a really subtle SNK fan service to have Ai resemble "Comet" from Card Fighters Clash. This incredible fan service understandably went over the heads of most gamers (even some fighting game players), but the real ones know. NGPC fans appreciated this one. If you want to learn more about the Ai/Comet connection, visit TFG's Separated at Birth section. ;) 

Ai is definitely a clever, original, and comical SNK design. When I think of Ai, I think "different"... a type of female character never before seen in a fighting game. I like her funky dance... during her stance. Nice moves. ^.^ Ai's cute persona and uniqueness enables her to fit right into the "random" world of NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (and even stand out among the icons)! Ai has some hilariously crazy / random moves for sure. How does she summon those magic Tetris blocks anyway? That's a pretty darn cool "mutant power" in my book.

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