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Susanoo, also known as the Black Susanoo, is the true form of Yuki Terumi. He is the "true" and final antagonist of Blazblue: Central Fiction. Susanoo is one of the Original Units, the main cause of letting humanity know about the Master Unit's existence. In a time as long as eternity he protected Amaterasu together with Tsukuyomi, but through some cause he began to have a "will". After that he began to hate being bound by the Master Unit and rebelled.

In Blazblue: Central Fiction, Susanoo was reborn into the world after Terumi ripped Hakumen's soul out of the Susanoo Unit with Hihiirokane, and once more merged with the now vacant Susanoo Unit. Having regained the full power which he detested so much, he planned on exterminating everyone present. Ragna, Jūbei, Tsubaki, Jin, and Noel tried to resist, but that had almost resulted in their demise if it had not been for the fact that Terumi still had not fully merged with the Susanoo Unit yet. Telling himself that it was enough for the moment, Susanoo took Noel with him and fled, challenging Ragna to follow him to the "other side" if the latter wanted to die.

Terumi later approached the Forbidden Gate and battled Es, who was shocked to see that he had reclaimed his old body. Es resorted to unleashing her weapon, the Murakumo, but was unable to. Susanoo explained that it was because Amaterasu acknowledged his superiority, and proceeded to defeat her without much efforts; however, Es escaped before he could land a killing blow. Although unsatisfied, the result of the battle confirmed Susanoo's doubt: the Protector of the Blue was actually Ragna the Bloodedge. Terumi was then ejected from the Susanoo Unit due to incomplete merging, much to his displeasure. However, reminding himself that after dealing with Ragna, he would obtain the True Blue, he waited for his last prey to confront him.

As Ragna, Jin, and Trinity arrived at the Gate, Terumi revealed the true purpose for his actions, which was to obtain true freedom, and for that he needed to obtain the True Blue. Trinity said that they only needed to protect the Gate to stop him, but Terumi, upon equipping the Susanoo Unit, revealed that he had already absorbed Noel, thus would no longer be affected by the Day of Ruin, leaving them no choice but to clash. They were unable to damage Susanoo, but as Jin reached his limit, he was able to observe his opponent. Ragna then utilized Soul Eater and managed to grab and rip Terumi out of the Unit, therefore allowing Jin to take control of it before opening the gate and sending Terumi and Ragna to the Boundary. After one final battle, Ragna fatally impales Terumi with his sword. Wishing eternal suffering upon Ragna, Terumi laughed manically as Ragna kills him once and for all.
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