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Es is the main heroine of XBlaze Code: Embryo and the protagonist of Lost: Memories. She is a former "Embryo Storage" (what her name stands for) and is actually only 5 years old. She is She makes her fighting game debut in BlazBlue: Central Fiction as a playable DLC character.

Created by Sōichirō Unomaru, Embryo Storage was originally meant to be a substitute vessel for the Embryo, but was deemed a failure due to her eyes being an amber red instead of blue. However, when Sōichirō noticed that she's able to speak and communicate with him, he expressed shock towards her. After introducing himself to her as her creator and superior, he makes Embryo Storage a member of the Mitsurugi Agency's Sleipnir Unit, giving her the Legacy Weapon Murakumo and gave her the task to hunt down the Drive-Infected Patients so they could either be captured so they can be treated for their unfortunately terminal condition or if they entered Phase 5, due to being unable to be saved because of their crystal fusing with their nervous system, must be destroyed before they hurt other people. Sōichirō, in order to fit her in with Sleipnir and make her appear human to them, despite only viewing her as a tool, he gives her a name, renaming her Es. She would also become Mei Amanohokosaka's partner on the field, being the only other person aside Sōichirō to know about her origin as an artificial human, but unlike Sōichirō, Mei views her as a person and a friend, showing concern for her well being.

In Blazblue: Central Fiction, Es appears in the visions of Naoto Kurogane when he touched the Azure. For currently unknown reasons, she is seen in front of a monolith like structure, presumably guarding and protecting it for it is the gate of the gods. It is also shown that she somehow knows Ragna and wants to guide him to the gate as it is the will of the Azure.


BlazBlue: Central Fiction



BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle


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Page Updated:  Sep. 9th, 2020

I'm not usually into characters like Es... but her sword looks cool so I'll give her a chance. She looks like she might fit into BlazBlue well enough. Blue and white outfit? Check. Blonde hair? Check. Hmm. Where have I seen this before? -__- Hopefully her playstyle doesn't revolve around pure projectile spam. I've had about enough of that too. -__-

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