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Panda Wojownik
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In an ancient town in China, there lives a panda named "Pang Da" (lit: Fat Da). He is beloved by all the children in town because he teaches them Kung Fu. In fact, Panda is a quiet guy, for no one would ever believe what he would tell them: scientists, kidnaps, generic mutation etc. Everyone thinks they are just fictional stories to tell the kids. But one thing for sure, is that no one in town knows where this panda came from. Panda was actually a scientific researcher in the Maple Group. After being infected by CORE in an accident, he became a panda–one that knows Kung Fu. The Maple Group was intrigued by this accident, and immediately locked up Panda for scientific research and experiments. Panda realized he was no longer a scientist in the Maple Group, but an object of experiments. Thus, he escaped from the group.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang




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Page Updated:  July 1st, 2019

It's Po from Kung-Fu Panda! While the idea of a fighting Panda isn't "original"... this Panda is a pretty hilarious fighter in Xuan Dou Zhi Wang. His special moves are great, for one. Let's see... for his projectile, he throws random fruits (in a specific order), followed by a sign and then a bomb. He can do a belly bump across the screen, and also a belly flop to a grounded opponent. He has lightning punches, similar to Ryo... but Panda's version functions more like E. Honda's 100-hand slap. (He can even move forward while doing it, and gets tired if you spam the move too much). ^o^

Naturally, Panda is a likeable design and brings some appreciated comic relief to XDZW. The designers put in a ton of small details to his animation which really make him stand out during gameplay. All of his basic moves, special moves, and walking/running animations are just incredible. Also, his in-game dialogue is pretty funny... he actually doesn't talk at all. His dialogue simply creates faces with text. Example: \(^w^)/ Lastly, while his 1P costume clearly favors Po from KFP... I think this guy's 2P costume is pretty damn cool and original. 

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