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Zen Yuzuriha
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The main protagonist of The Rumble Fish. Zen is a stoic 18-year old martial artist who fights for himself. He was formerly part of the Valor Gang during its height of fame before it was completely destroyed. One of the gang's key members named "Rouge" mysteriously disappeared during the incident. With only fighting on his mind and almost no other way of life for him, Zen only challenges opponents to get stronger day by day. He eventually became a feared dojo-buster by the nickname of "Diablo" and many have quaked in fear in the fighting circuit upon hearing of him.

A particular man named Greed, who may have ties to Zen's past, catches his interest... Zen seems to outright recognize him and calls him out by his real name (Rouge). From that day on, Zen has been getting at every chance to fight Greed, seeking answers regarding the fall of the Valor Gang.

Zen was the canonical champion of the 5th F.F.S. tournament, having defeated Greed to prove himself. In the 6th F.F.S. tournament (The Rumble Fish 2), Zen continues to follow various leads to the mysterious man named Greed. He is then visited by the mysterious Hazama to be goaded into participating in the 6th tournament with the possible wish of encountering Greed once more. Watching motorcycle racing is one of his favorite hobbies.


The Rumble Fish


The Rumble Fish 2


Page Updated:  July 16th, 2022

Yeah, Zen definitely looks like a legit fighting game protagonist from the not-so-distant future. Zen's visual design looks like some cross between Ryu, Hayato, Jin Saotome, and maybe Sol-Badguy   for the edge-lord factor. At first glance, Zen has a cool fighting stance & posture, and some satisfying animations / special moves that you'd expect from a straight-edge protagonist.

Zen has lots of cool punches and kicks with a heavy emphasis on traditional martial arts. He's got solid, dynamic techniques and his attacks look like they hurt. I like his Cody-style tornado uppercut and Jin Saotome-style punches - with cool headband movement to boot. Overall, Zen is a great starter character in The Rumble Fish and might be enough to sell you on the game based on his cool fighting style alone.

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