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Hazama is a mysterious man who works under PROBE-NEXUS' CEO. He is a secretary to the current chairman and a manager of the F.F.S.; however, his motives are largely a mystery to many. He originally was the first chairman of the organization, but has stepped down to give the position to current chairwoman Beatrice. Despite his original opposition to her in the past, he's been somewhat loyal to his duties so far. Beneath the many mysterious of this man, it seems that he most likely seeks the truth of humanity's fighting limits. 

After the 5th F.F.S. tournament, he provoked Zen Yuzuriha to join the 6th tournament. Hazama also personally invited Kaya and Hikari to the 6th tournament and seems to have ulterior motives. His fighting style is known as the Hekkaiken (Cleaving Spray Fist), a modified form of personal martial arts styles. His main hobby is reading books and has a library-sized collection of them. Hazama is playable in The Rumble Fish (PS2) after inputting a password in the operator options but makes is complete debut in The Rumble Fish 2.


The Rumble Fish (PS2)



The Rumble Fish 2


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