Zankuro Minazuki

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Zankuro is a huge warrior who traveled Japan relentlessly killing anyone. During a time, he traveled from village to village slaughtering people with no regard or disambiguation. Because of this, people started calling him a demon. One night, while he was slaughtering an entire village, he is unable to kill one child. Upon setting his eyes on the young girl, he can't bring himself to kill her, and realizes the error of his ways. From this night on, he retires his massacring and becomes a hermit, only drawing his blade to kill worthy opponents in duels.

It is revealed that the child was Zankuro's daughter, Shiori. Zankuro had forgotten about her due to his killing intent. Shiori eventually runs into
Haohmaru and asks him to kill the "demon". Eventually, Zankuro was challenged by Shizumaru, a boy who also had a demon inside of him. Zankuro was killed by Shizumaru and Haohmaru, and his body was buried and sealed by Gaira. However, he was quickly revived by Amakusa who wanted to use his powers. He was eventually killed again by Sogetsu. It seems he somehow came back to life again since he appears in Genjuro's ending in SS64.

In Samurai Shodown VI, his ending has Shizumaru bring Shiori to him with Haohmaru encouraging the estranged family to reconcile. Feeling himself beyond redemption, he refuses until Shizumaru convinces him not to submit to his inner demon. Realizing the value of life, Zankuro decides to live on for his daughter. He abandons the way of the sword and the two embark on a journey where he hopes to repent for his sins.
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Samurai Shodown 3

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Samurai Shodown 4, Samurai Shodown 5 Special, Samurai Shodown 6, Samurai Shodown Pocket, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Dec. 6th, 2022

Zankuro was a very effective boss in both SS3 & SS4; easily my favorite boss to come out of the series (and actually one of my favorite SNK bosses of all time). His ridiculously huge sword, cool fighting stance, and badass look really set him apart from other designs.

I always loved how he has an insane amount of reach with his katana, not only because it's so big... but because he's such a huge dude. lol. Finally, his straight-forward "bad guy" personality and charisma no doubt spells BADASS....
There's really nothing not to like about Zankuro, besides fighting against him on ultra hard of course! Zankuro can murder you in like 2 hits if you're not careful. >:)

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