Walter is a knight of the Mondschein Drache Empire and member of the Crimson Lion Knights like Neinhalt Sieger. After hearing that his home maybe soon invaded by a new threat, he leaves his home to investigate.


Samurai Shodown Sen




Page Updated:  Jan. 4th, 2021

Sorry, Walter White is not a fighting game character. I know you had your hopes up. On a personal note, Breaking Bad is my all time favorite TV show. Better Call Sol is a close second. Is that link incorrect? Sorry about that. Just trying to make this fun.

Anyhow, Walter debuted as quite possibly the most boring knight design of the fighting game universe. Many years later, Warden appeared as a guest character in the series, as possibly took Walter's title. (Funny how Walter and Warden contain similar letters and the same number of letters.) Walter's moveset isn't exciting either, but he has a few powerful / decent looking attacks that a knight should have, at the very least.

Like many of the other newcomers in Samurai Shodown Sen... Walter pales in comparison to the original cast of Samurai Shodown.

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