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 Sieger is a Prussian warrior who is the leader the Red Lion Knights. He went to Japan to deal with the threat of Mizuki. In his ending, he saved his country from demons and got married to a women named Elizabeth, the daughter of the Prussian King.

In the spin-off, Samurai Spirits RPG, he married Queen Victoria and is protecting France against any demon attacks. He assists the party battling Mizuki whilst they are in Paris and Green Hell. However, Mizuki traps him within one of the Dark Bells, a medium which increases Ambrosia's powers and siphons evil spirits. Knowing the dangers of the bell, he allows the party to destroy it, killing himself in the process. Sieger's name in Dutch translates to "Non-stop victory". In German, it literally translates of his name means "nostop winner".
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Samurai Shodown 2


Samurai Shodown 6

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Page Updated:  Jan. 16th, 2022

Sieger is probably one of the most underrated SNK characters of all time. He's a great design and only appeared in two games! First off, he adds some awesome variety to Samurai Shodown II as a non sword-user and Medieval knight. The way he uses his gantlet-like weapon is badass... and if you've never seen a high level Sieger player, you're simply missing out! I used to play a ton of SS2 online through MAME in the early 2000's. This one player (named VietKong I believe) made me RESPECT Sieger. It was usually my Genjuro VS his Sieger, and sometimes he'd get solid win streaks on me... I consider myself a high level SS2 player, and previously thought Sieger was a pretty slow character, so let's just say he left an impression on me. I love this character.

Visually, Sieger a cool design... and his moveset and animations speak for themselves. He really seemed like a "next-gen" character when I first played him in SS2 in 1994. His powerful fighting style compliments his appearance exceptionally well. His debut in SS2 was undeniably his best showing. Sieger's return in Samurai Shodown 6 could've been done a lot better (his SS2 sprite is eons better), but it was great to see him return nonetheless.

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