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Valgas is a boxer, just like Falcon. Falcon had always looked up to Valgas, and one night, Valgas invited Falcon to dine with him, and maybe join his crew. But, secretly, Valgas was working with Kraken to attain all 7 power stones, and create a world where only the strongest survive. At one point (this was in the anime, made also by Capcom) he met a man named Jordan Baker, who told him of the power stones, and had one for himself. Valgas killed him, and stole his stone.

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Page Updated:  March 13th, 2014

He's pretty generic for a boss.... It almost seems like he should've been a default character. He looks like any generic pro-wrestler (but apparently he's a boxer?), and he's got one ugly mug... lol. His ultra-powered up form is sort of cool, I guess. His default form to his powered-up version sorta reminds me of King, and then Armor King. Heh heh. Sadly, his moves are also pretty generic and unexciting.

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