Kraken is from a pirate ship in Skull Haven. Kraken's age is unknown, weighs 198 pounds, measures 6'11 and has a buccaneer fighting style. When in Power Change, he is known as Ghost Pirate. His name is a reference to the kraken, along with his nickname, King Octopus.

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Page Updated:  Sept. 4th, 2022

Kraken's face cracks me up every time. Every time. lol. Thanks Power Stone. I'm pretty sure this old bloke is the "goofiest-looking evil pirate in existence". And I think that's exactly what Capcom set out to do with this design, interestingly enough. Captain Kraken has the ultimate troll face. LOOK AT THAT MUG. Personality points! I bet Captain Kidd is part of his crew (or they're enemies). Spin-off title!? There's an unofficial rumor that Kraken smokes crack... but as we all know from Capcom game intros: "Winners Don't Use Drugs"! That's why he's the boss of the game. He's supposed to lose, like a predictably sad DC or Marvel movie villain who reveals his plot to the heroes halfway through the movie.

So at the end of the day, I guess you could say: Kraken is a crack-head pirate who cracks me up. Looking back, his design is kinda good. Now that we have higher quality artwork for the character, you can appreciate his design a bit more. Yo, Ho! And pass the rum.

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