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Rai-on is a secret character in Plasma Sword. He is another member of 'The Four Saint Beasts' who has the same mission as Byakko and wields his own dual Plasma Claws. He is more vicious by nature and is a wrathful ninja. He is a lion humanoid and is essentially a color swap of Byakko with black fur - instead of white - with red eyes. His ending is similar to Byakko's - with him defeating Bilstein first and that Rai-on is then forced to battle against Byakko. Though Byakko escapes, Rai-on sends the other Saint Beasts to hunt the wounded Byakko down and that he'll anticipate another bout between him and his former teammate.

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Page Updated:  Nov. 14th, 2012

Rai-on fights similar to Byakko, but also has some cool moves of his own. Visually he's pretty cool as well, and is probably one of the best-looking characters in the actual game. His stance is pretty awesome. 

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