Dr. Edward Bilstein is the main antagonist of the Star Gladiator series who leads the Fourth Empire. Once a physics expert on Earth, he soon started developing plasma weapons. He now employs these weapons in his attempts to conquer Earth along with his war clones and robots. He wields a plasma broadsword in battle.

Bilstein once stumbled upon a research document left behind by one of his ancestors. It described Plasma Power and how it could be derived from human emotions. Bilstein was driven by his ancestor's evil will because they were unable to complete the project and that Bilstein himself had decided to carry out their work and build the unknown Plasma weapon. However, before Bilstein could realize his evil plot, he was detected by the Earth Federation and was then arrested for violating human rights, using actual human bodies in his experiments. After escaping his prison and forming his "Fourth Empire" organization, Bilstein now seeks to conquer the entire universe and establish a new order under his own rule.

After his cybernetic body was destroyed at the end of Star Gladiator by Hayato, Bilstein was able to transcend his spirit into another cybernetic host. The remains that he left behind had assumed a skeletal visage, and took on a life of its own, obsessed with killing Hayato. This form is known as Ghost Bilstein or "Bilstein's Ghost".

Star Gladiator

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Plasma Sword, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2



Page Updated:  May 20th, 2019

You can pretty much call Billstein "the Darth Vader "of the Star Gladiator series. But don't call him a "rip-off"... because he's actually a pretty cool Capcom design. He made a fairly decent boss for the series, but he definitely isn't one of the most exciting or memorable fighting game bosses.

Bilstein gets extra points for his "wants to conquer the entire universe" storyline... at least he didn't want to just conquer the world to inspire 100's movie heroes to save Earth (and make lots of money for the actors doing it). You go Bilstein.

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