A mysterious tiger humanoid assassin who fights with incredible and dual plasma claws. He is a member of 'The Four Saint Beasts' (based on the Chinese constellations) which is created by the Union to foil Bilstein's plans. His mission is to destroy the source of the plasma weapons and any wielder he meets. He is also suspected by Gantetsu to be the one who decimated his troop. His win quotes suggest that he has a Zen-like nature. If he succeeds in his mission, the Union will order Rai-on to execute him as he has become "too powerful" and a threat. He escapes, saying has much to live for.


Plasma Sword






Page Updated:  July 2nd, 2020

So this is what you get when you cross a white tiger and... Blanka? Hmm, I suppose he's somewhat of an interesting design, but also pretty strange and awkward, even for Capcom. Perfect for a fighting game set in outer space? I guess for that reason... he's a halfway decent Star Gladiator character. In retrospect, I've come to appreciate this design. His character art / endings are drawn really well. Byakko is kinda cool actually.

FUN FACT: I achieved BYAKKO rank in TEKKEN 7. :]

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