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Miyabi is a descendant of a ninja clan and unbeknown to her, was being spied on by Genma. Eventually, she was kidnapped by him and he cast a spell on her, which placed her until his control and erased her memories. She eventually encountered and defeated a young man known as Rook Castle in a street fight. When Genma learned of the upcoming fourth Toshinden tournament, Miyabi entered it with him, hoping to meet Rook again.

Battle Arena Toshinden 4





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Page Updated:  June 16th, 2020

Besides the awfully bright pink hair, which hurts my eyes a bit... Miyabi is a pretty cool ninja girl design. (Although, I suppose if she just had dark hair, she might look a bit too much like Taki?) The huge shuriken she carries is also kind of a rip-off of Yuffie's weapon... (and Yuffie did come first, so no excuses Miyabi!) It's a traditional ninja weapon, and she's cute, so I guess we'll let it slide? >_>

Miyabi's outfit design is pretty solid. I love the fact that her sword is attached to the back of her hair! (She must have a strong neck!) Also check out some of Miyabi's alternate costume concepts, some of which are pretty neat. In gameplay, she's got the typical ninja fare and fits in naturally to the Toshinden series. Interestingly, one of her special moves looks exactly like Taki's (the one where she pounds the ground)... kinda ironic... and I think they might've taken some inspiration from Taki for sure.

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Miyabi Animations