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Genma is an ancient, murderous magician, over 2000 years old, who killed the owner of a powerful, mystical shield which he later discovered to be one of the Four Sacred Arms. Upon learning that there were three other weapons of its kind, he decided to seek them out for himself in the fourth Toshinden tournament with Miyabi, a young ninja woman he brainwashed and a cyborg named Bang-Boo.

Battle Arena Toshinden 4




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Page Updated:  June 16th, 2020

Don't know what to make of this design.... Genma is probably one of the most original-looking / weird characters to appear in Toshinden 4. He doesn't look like any other fighting game character I've ever seen, anyway. As a magic-user, he brings some interesting-looking magical attacks to the game. Due to the in-game graphics, sometimes it's hard to tell what the hell he's actually doing during his special moves, though. Genma also walks around on pegs for some reason? Heh. Yeah, he's a pretty random design. 

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