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Taki is a woman dedicated to destroying demons. Her strength is in close quarter combat, where her special moves and skills are the most effective. Her beloved sword Rekki-Maru and the mysterious phantom sword Mekki-Maru accompany her on the quest to destroy Soul Edge. Taki began her journey when her fascination grew in Soul Edge, the evil sword that resonated in the presence of her beloved sword Rekki maru. As a Fu-Ma Ninja, her specialty was the extermination of demons. She possessed exceptional fighting skills and excelled at forging weapons, which made her a valuable asset to the Fu-Ma clan. In fact, it was she who battled and defeated the dread pirate Cervantes, who was possessed by Soul Edge.

After returning from her long journey, Taki attempted to fuse a fragment of Soul Edge into the demonic blade, Mekki-Maru. Much to her surprise, the Mekki-Maru began to surge with even more evil energy, making it difficult for even her to handle the sword. Taki saw that the leader of the Fu-Ma clan, Master Toki, became obsessed with Mekki-Maru. She deemed that it would be dangerous to hand the sword over to him, and left the clan. Thus Taki became a renegade ninja. Toki, however, would not give up so easily. He sent other clan members after her in order to retrieve the powerful blade. Pursued by her former clan members, Taki decided to destroy Mekki-Maru by pitting it against Soul Edge. She hoped that the two powerful weapons would obliterate one another. Unfortunately, by the time she found Soul Edge, its wielder Nightmare had already been defeated by a group of warriors.

How would she destroy Mekki-Maru without Soul Edge? Taki tried to devise another plan, but her secret desire to master the sword grew stronger by the day. The decision was made. She grasped the fundamental skills needed to handle Mekki-Maru during her journey; she just needed to build her mental strength enough to overcome the evil influences of the sword. Around the time she mastered the ability to use the sword for short periods of time, several Fu-Ma ninjas appeared before her. Unlike previous encounters, these Ninjas did not attack on sight. Instead, they attempted to capture her. Unfortunately for the ninjas, they were no match for Taki; they all fell before her Mekki-Maru. "I know they were sent by Master Toki, but why would they travel so far to these strange lands to seek me?"

Searching through the strewn remains of the ninjas, Taki came across a metal fragment. Although weak, the aura emanating from the metal was unmistakably that of Soul Edge. The sword was not destroyed; it still existed in pieces. Taki then realized why the ninjas had tried to capture her. Master Toki was trying to gather information about Soul Edge in order to find all of the fragments. Undoubtedly, pieces of the sword, just like the one she held in her hand, were already in Master Toki's possession. Knowing the effects that Soul Edge had on those who wielded it, Taki knew she could not let it get into the hands of Master Toki.

Even without the sword, the head of the Fu-Ma clan was already powerful. She was afraid to think about what would happen if Toki acquired the evil blade and received its madness. He could transform into a monster with unfathomable strength. Taki headed for Japan. She could not allow this impending disaster to occur in her homeland. On her way back to Japan, she sensed the presence of the evil sword. The metal she possessed began to resonate ever so slightly with the aura of evil. After she hastily sealed the fragment, she thought about what she should do next. Should she go after the fragments that her former master had, or exorcise the evil sword itself? Either way, time was running out.
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Soul Edge

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Soul Blade, Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur 2, Soul Calibur 3, Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition, Soul Calibur 4, Soul Calibur 6, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, Soul Calibur Legends, Namco X Capcom

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Page Updated:  June 8th, 2024

Taki has been the "ninja representative" in the Soul series for quite some time, a role that's very important for most fighting games. A female ninja heroine was the perfect fit for the series, and Taki soon became a fan-favorite. Taki might've seemed generic in her debut, but her later costume designs & moveset enhancements kept her design more than fresh. Taki has tons of stylish & speedy attacks, fluid kicks, and agile maneuvers making her one of the flashiest (and fastest) fighting game ninjas in existence (in the hands of the right player).

All that... and I didn't mention "boobs" once. (Until now.) Indeed, Taki's breast size became a talking point in SC2. But there's much more to Taki's design to appreciate. (She's not some generic DOA female or something. Taki has depth.) My personal favorite iteration of Taki is probably in SoulCalibur 2... her moveset has so many options, cancels, and cool tricks, making her play-style one of the fastest ever. Even though Taki received cool new moves & animations in the sequels, they actually slowed her down quite a bit. Nonetheless, Taki has been an exciting character in every game she appears in!

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