Lancelot Lakeknight


Having grew up in a sheltered noble family, Lancelot became rather cowardly. His father, displeased at this, trained him to fence, and then sent him to learn further fighting techniques from Duke B. Rambert. One summer, while exploring Duke's castle, he encountered Naru Amoh. He challenged her to a match, but was defeated by her. After her win, she revealed that she was searching for her foster father, Kayin Amoh. She was given a clue on where to look by Duke. Naru then left for the fourth Toshinden tournament and Lancelot, inspired by her, decided to enter as well, with Puella Marionette, his internet friend and Fen Barefoot.

Battle Arena Toshinden 4




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Page Updated:  June 16th, 2020

Just like Charlotte from Samurai Shodown, Lancelot throws a rose before the fight begins and also uses a rapier. At first glance, you might think Lancelot is a girl... but yeah, just another girly Japanese guy. lol. Lancelot has a pretty typical fencing fighting style. Most of his attacks don't hit very hard, and his super moves are pretty unimaginative. 

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