Naru Amoh
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Naru Amoh's made her first appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 3 as a little girl wielding a large sword. She later appeared in Battle Arena Toshinden 4 as a teenager. Naru is Kayin's adoptive daughter, and was left at a housing institute at the end of the third Toshinden tournament by him and never heard from him again. She began training with Kayin's legendary sword; Excalibur and eventually mastered his fighting style. On her sixteenth birthday, she ran away from the institute and set out to learn the truth of her father's disappearance. She decided to enter the fourth tournament for this reason, forming a team with Rook Castle and Subaru Shinjo.


Battle Arena Toshinden 3


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Battle Arena Toshinden 4

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Page Updated:  June 11th, 2020

In her Toshinden 3 debut, she was an interesting and funny unlockable character... being such a tiny annoying girl and fooling around with a grown-up's sword. Yeah, she mostly seemed to be thrown in just for comic relief in Toshinden 3... who knew they'd actually develop her in the sequel! In case you don't know, Toshinden 4 is set many years into the future, with Naru Amoh making her transition to "adult" pretty quickly if you weren't paying attention!

Naru Amoh's older Toshinden 4 appearance and design has all the cool aspects about a Toshinden character that I enjoyed from the start of the series. Her cool clothing style sort of defines the overall style of the Toshinden series. And, of course, she's a sword-user. I love the fact that she appears to fight with the same sword in Toshinden 4 as she did in Toshinden 3... she finally wields it like a true swordswoman! This is cool fighting game character development, indeed.

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Naru Amoh Animations