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Kaya is one of the two daughters of the late-and-famed Seijuurou Mutsuki who was killed by Greed in a fierce battle. As a result, her father's dojo remained closed and Kaya was forced to attend a different school than her sister, Kaya. Hikari's personality is kind, gentle, and cheerful. She is usually surrounded by friends, the opposite of her sister (who is known for being cold, stoic, and serious). Upon learning of the F.F.S. tournament, the normally cheerful Hikari decided to cut her (then long) hair short and use her father's martial arts to enter the 5th tournament alongside her sister.

After Hikari and her sister didn't achieve their goals in the prior tournament, a mysterious man named Hazama presents them initiations to the 6th tournament. Hikari worries she may lose herself on the path of Shura akin to their late father. At home, she enjoys housework and her favorite hobby is playing the koto (Japanese zither).



The Rumble Fish


The Rumble Fish 2


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