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Deku was the only original character created for Fighters Megamix. Deku is depicted as a comical Mexican green bean in a hat. When his hat is knocked off, a bird is under it, perched on his head. If you win a match with it knocked off, the bird squawks during Deku's win pose. For his alternate costume, the Sega Saturn logo is on his head instead, which makes a strange vibrating noise if Deku wins a bout with his hat knocked off. (the sound is actually taken from Sonic the Fighters; the noise is heard after the end credits as Eggman is seen hovering in his ship, Metal Sonic by his side-it's SE No.30 on the game's sound test in Sonic Gems Collection)

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Page Updated:  Jan. 12th, 2021

Deku is probably the biggest "WTF character" in Sega fighting game history... and possibly borderline racist? I don't think Sega meant any harm, but still. A Mexican green bean in a sombrero is very 90's cartoon character (ready to be canceled). Deku is a funny reminder of some of the things that games, movies, and TV used to get away with in the 90's. lol. On the other hand, if you're "offended" by Deku, you should probably find some more productive things to do. Who really cares anyway, because this character went nowhere.

I wonder if Deku has any relation to Amingo.... Green bean + sombrero = Cactus + sombrero? There's probably no relation,  but if the two ever appeared in a crossover fighting game, together, I'd be entertained. All things considered, this character design was pretty lame, even as a joke... yet still somehow strangely funny that he occupied a character select slot in Fighters Megamix. The randomness of that game's roster was... something. Thankfully, comic relief characters in fighting games became much better than Deku over the years. Also, sorry about your animation's page, Deku. Janet had to do you like that.

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