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Deku & Dekuina
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Deku and Dekuina are semi-human dolls created by Yuga. Yuga was seeking for the two strongest bodies for a perfect resurrection, a female and a male one. It found the female one in Shiki, and the male one in Haohmaru, but in case it failed to achieve both of them, Yuga created the two dolls, Deku (the male one) and Dekuina (the female one), which were based on Haohmaru and Shiki respectively. 

In the creation process, both dolls were embedded with their originals' pieces of flesh inside their heads (being clones of sorts). They also were given superhuman strength and powers that far surpassed those of Gandara. In the end Yuga used them to resurrect itself, but was eventually destroyed, destroying Deku and Dekuina in the process.


Samurai Shodown 64




Page Updated:  June 27th, 2019

Artistically, Deku & Dekuina are pretty amazing designs... you can feel the "darker vibe" the Samurai Shodown 64 series was going in. They wit in perfectly with the likes of Asura and Shiki. (Or are they both trying to cosplay Kuroko?) lol. Anyhow, SS64 had such potential with this amazing new art direction. (if only they kept the game 2D).... -__-

In some ways, Deku & Dekuina don't fit into the more "colorful" Samurai Shodown rosters of the early days, but these designs would feel like an evolution of SS3's and SS4's "darker" moods. Just my two cents, but I like these spooky gothic designs. There are also some seemingly sexual undertones with these character designs, which can also be admired. Sexy designs indeed.

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