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Song Xuandao
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A 70-year-old Tai Chi Chuan master who is well known within the Chinese martial arts world. He was invited to the Buriki One tournament by his best friend, who is the chairman of a TV station in China. When he was younger, he was defeated by Silber.


Buriki One





Page Updated:  Dec. 31st, 2020

In Buriki One, Song Xuan Dou is out to prove a point that old guys can still kick ass. He's the trademark elderly master for the game... although, Song does seem to look younger than most fighting game elderly martial arts masters from fighting games (looking at you Tung Fu Rue, Wang, and Gen Fu). Some guys age faster that others. Song must have a healthy diet and works out every day. Props to you.

Song also has a pretty cool Tai Chi Chuan-based fighting style (which is an awesome, powerful, and under-rated martial arts style, by the way). Song's clean cut hairstyle makes me laugh (in a good way). It was amazing to see HIROAKI draw Song in 2020 with more flowing hair. I like his 2020 design! When's Buriki Two? :)

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