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Charlie and his best friend Guile were both on a mission from the U.S. Air Force to hunt down a major drug dealer named M. Bison. They were both captured in Thailand, and both managed to escape their captivity. However, during the escape, Charlie was shot and thought to be dead. When Guile returned to look for Charlie, he was nowhere to be found. In actuality, Charlie did not die, and after waking up, proceeded to find a place to heal his wounds. By the time Charlie returned to the Air Force Base, Guile had already resigned to look for him. Finally, right after finding Guile again, Charlie was captured by Shadaloo (M. Bison's organization) and was turned into Shadow Charlie.

"Shadow" is a secret character who appears in Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter. In Charlie's ending for X-Men vs. Street Fighter, he is captured by M. Bison and subjected to Shadaloo's experiments. The ending itself doesn't reveal Charlie's fate after these experiments, instead showing Guile (or "Charlie's friend" as he's called) finding his dogtags and swearing to avenge him, in an obvious nod to his story in Street Fighter II.

According to his ending in the Japanese version of the game, Shadow escaped Bison and was on the run, but his "battery" runs out of power and Bison is able to recapture him and perform further experiments to turn him loyal, this time transforming him into a fully cyborg version of Charlie. Although this ending didn't happen, the process which turned him into Shadow is later referred to as "cybernation", implying cybernetics played a part in the transformation.

In Chun-Li's Marvel Vs. Capcom ending, Shadow stops M. Bison from attempting to turn her into another slave, showing that he was still free from Bison's control. In Shadow Lady's ending, the two arrive too late to stop Bison from fatally injuring Jin, and utilize cybernation to turn him into another "shadow" form as a way to save him from dying.

Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter

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Page Updated:  May 8th, 2019

If you're not a Street Fighter fan, you'd probably think Shadow Charlie is just some sort of lame "sprite edit"... but coming from a VS Series fan, let me tell you that this "evil" version of Charlie was a badass character in Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter. He was like a mysterious badass Guile... plus you needed to know the code to even use him in the game (super ultra badass points, son). ;)

No one really knew much about the story behind Shadow Charlie until UDON Comics introduced him in their Street Fighter comic and actually tied him into the storyline.... They did an amazing job I might add. Thanks UDON!

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