Ryoko Izumo


Ryoko is a Japanese judo practitioner and sports superstar that fills the hearts of the people in her hometown with pride. Even since her father left her when she was younger and hasn't seen him in a long time, she has been training under her grandfather for years. She enters the tournament to test herself. After the tournament, Ryoko returns home and continues to improve herself ever further. Ryoko has long desire to surpass her grandfather Gengoro, even after becoming the No. 1 in Judo world. And at last, she devised a new super technique "Shin Yamaarashi"! It may be too dangerous to be used in the match, but will be a fatal technique in the Great Grapple.

Ryoko from World Heroes is based on Ryoko Tamura, who is a real life Japanese 2 or 3 time gold medallist in Judo. (Not to be confused with Ryoko from Fighter's History, whom is also based on Ryoko Tamura.)
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World Heroes 2



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World Heroes 2 Jet, World Heroes Perfect

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Page Updated:  Feb. 24th, 2022

I can respect a small female martial artist who can kick ass... my wife happens to be one (a 5th degree blackbelt earned after 15+ years of training). Ryoko is clearly a serious martial artist, but she can't help but be cute. My wife has the same problem. It's not really a problem. lol.

Ryoko has some pretty decent-looking kicking techniques and strikes (which aren't Judo-based). She also has several different throws (although her rear-naked choke looks laughably ridiculous in the game). All in all, Ryoko looks a bit stiff in gameplay, but she has some mannerisms that bring out her personality at least. There are many serious female martial artists in fighting games. Ryoko's design isn't nearly as flashy or exciting as other female fighters, but she's one of the few traditional martial artists from the World Heroes series.

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