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Lord Raptor (known as Zabel Zarock in Japan) is a charismatic young rocker who killed himself and 100 other fans in his final live performance. Because of his thirst for power, he was noticed by Emperor Ozomu. He resurrected him as a Zombie and told him that if he wishes to be stronger, he would have to kill the Darkstalkers. Although Lord Raptor agreed, his true plans were to kill Ozomu himself and to take over the spot of being the Emperor. But when Ozomu and Ozomu's castle disappeared, Lord Raptor was puzzled. When he arrived at the location where Ozomu's castle stood, he found the entrance to the Majigen. This time, he intended to kill the creator of Majigen and take over his spot.
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Darkstalkers 2, Darkstalkers 3, Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, Darkstalkers Resurrection, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Namco X Capcom

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Page Updated:  Feb. 18th, 2023

Lord Raptor is a most badass Australian Rock & Roll Zombie if I've ever seen one. The ghost... with the most... metal. Zabel is so metal... he actually favors Iron Maiden's mascot "Eddie" (but is actually less ugly).

Overall, Zabel is an incredibly original fighting game character design who fits perfectly into the Darkstalkers series. Some would say that the Darkstalkers cast is made up of "freak" designs... but Zabel might just be the ultimate freak of the series. His animation and moveset are so wildly "out there" that he may not have been suited for the likes of even Marvel Vs. Capcom 2..... not that he wouldn't have been awesome in that game - I'm saying he's possibly a level too weird (and maybe borderline disturbing) to appear in that game. You may disagree, but that just means you're a freeaak. And Lord Raptor would approve of you. On a side note: His brief appearance in the Darkstalkers anime was memorable. 

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