Oni Inomura


Oni was an orphan who grew up protecting Cassandra. After he lit their orphanage on fire, they escaped to the streets. They made due with Oni's street fighting wins. However, once he got badly hurt in a match, she seeks Elias' help. The two orphans temporarily stay in his care. Although he wanted the best for Cassandra, Oni kept up his brawling days, leading Elias to believe that he was possessed by a demon. When Elias caught Oni attempting to assault Cassandra in her sleep, he was banished back to the streets. She follows him later without knowing what happened.

One day, they hear news of the "Black Dragon", a man that supposedly possesses knowledge about everything. She wants to look for him to help solve the mystery behind their past, unsure if they are really related as Oni had originally claimed. In their ending, she shields Oni from one of Johann's blows, which angers him enough to finish the villain off. He carries her away from the island, promising to one day find the truth behind their powers.


Rage of the Dragons





Page Updated:  Jan. 25th, 2021

I don't know what it is about Oni, but he reminds me of a rat. Yeah, I said it... A RAT! Hah. Besides that, his general clothing attire is pretty odd and clashing. His design is really all over the place, but somehow I think his weird costume actually makes him somewhat distinguishable as a design. He also seems like he works in as a Double Dragon bad guy, even though his first appearance was in ROTD (not the original beat-em-up series).  Some of his moves are alright, but others are pretty boring.

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