Johan (also spelled Johann) is the mysterious boss of Rage of the Dragons. He is the current possessor of the Black Dragon, an evil entity destined to wreck havoc on the land. He is considered to be a prodigy amongst those in his sect, as he was able to tame and master the spirit at a young age. Several rumors surround him and his power, some of which paint him as an all-knowing being of the underworld. He plots to sever the other dragons from reaching their full potential and thereby create a new world lead by the Black Dragon cult. He starts by "murdering" his old mentor, Master Lee (Lynn's grandfather), and issuing the tournament under his "Black Dragon" name. In ROTD, Johan is an unplayable boss.

Rage of the Dragons




Page Updated:  Dec. 10th, 2018

Besides having a semi-cool-looking fight intro, this design is lacking in all areas. He doesn't have much personality, and his outfit just seems thrown together. His outfit looks like they went with concept artwork #8 over a coin toss. Johan doesn't even have a proper full-size character artwork like the rest of the ROTD cast! LAAAAAAME. (That might've helped with some personality points). ROTD had potential, but such a lame and uninteresting boss design kinda hurt the game. They could've went with a cool crossover character for a boss, or a returning Double Dragon character.

Some of Johan's moves aren't terrible, but they're not exactly grand either. Overall, his fighting style seems like an afterthought. Fun Fact: That Mortal Kombat-esk loincloth doesn't help his design either. That "insta-cool" design element stopped working in like 1997.

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