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Geegus / Neo Geegus


Geegus is an extraterrestrial who can shapeshift into any of the eight fighters and use their moves at will. Geegus wants to destroy the Earth, so the World Heroes tournament was created to stop Geegus' evil plans. Before the final battle, Geegus asks for the Champion to fight him with the threat of destroying the entire planet if he is refused. 

Geegus appears in World Heroes 2 as Neo Geegus, the sub-boss of the game. While it may be a mistranslation, he is also into American politics. In one of his win quotes in WH2 he comments about his beliefs in Justice and adds that he feels the Democrats can save America. Geegus' design and abilities may be an homage to the T-1000 liquid metal cyborg made famous by the Terminator film series. Geegus also makes a cameo appearance in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum as part of one of Neo Dio's desperation moves.


World Heroes



World Heroes 2, World Heroes Perfect


Page Updated:  June 24th, 2019

Ahh, the shape shifting character... where have I seen thee before? Everywhere? lol. For many early 90's fighting games, "the shapeshifter" proved to be a rather quick & easy character design for either a filler or a boss. lol. I remember a few "me too" 2D fighters of the 90's (not even listed on this website) with a character exactly like Geegus... then there's Shang Tsung, whom is actually interesting.

I guess ADK figured they could get away with a basic shapeshifter design in World Heroes, but this design obviously went nowhere fast. No, the cool character art released 20 years after the original release doesn't save him either, lol. If you ask me, Geegus wasn't a very inspiring boss character in the World Heroes series. Maybe if his animations were better, he'd be an interesting design (Twelve proved that many years later). However, Geegus might have about "3" unique animations, if that. :/

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