Midler is a Stand user never seen except face-down in two frames of the JoJo manga, and is named after Bette Midler. She is a minor antagonist of Part III: Stardust Crusaders. Midler's stand is The High Priestess, which can take the form of anything metallic. The High Priestess, an ugly troll-like stand with shapeshifing abilities and teeth as sharp as diamonds appeared to kill the Jojos. Since Midler herself never really appeared in the manga, Capcom took some liberties for her design. The stand was no match for the piston-like fists of Jotaro's Star Platinum. 

In the game by Capcom, her story mode tells a drastically different tale from her fate in the original manga. She trails Jotaro's group in order to carry out Dio's orders to kill them and successfully wins against them, one by one. After she finally defeats Jotaro himself, she returns to Dio's mansion to report the good news. Cream informs her that Dio needed Joseph or Jotaro's fresh blood, and she is forced to defeat him in order to get past and see Dio. However, when she finally reaches Dio, he reassures her - before declaring that he only needs her blood, as the blood of one more person will enable him to take full control of Jonathan's body. He then asks if she will willingly give him her blood, to which she agrees. In her ending, Dio punctures her neck with his fingers and drains her blood, killing her.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future




Page Updated:  Dec. 22nd, 2020

To sum it up, Midler is an ultra- sexy chick who can perform insane attacks (with her creepy evil stand buddy. Midler doesn't feel the need to wear much clothing... and I guess that's cool.  Her bellydancer-esk attire works for her nice physique and is designed interestingly ( very JJBA). Starfish nipple bikini? Okay! Her creepy/ugly stand is a weird contrast to her gentle looks. lol. *Looks at that thing* ...Oiy. Nightmare material.

As wild as this design is... she seems to fit right in with the rest of the cast. Even though she's what you'd call "sexualized" as a female design, Midler is one of the few in the fighting game realm to be this scantily clad. (Felicia is pretty much her only competition.) Overall, Midler is a visually entertaining and a very original character in JJBA: Heritage for the Future. She also breaks up the monotony of male characters the game (it can be a sausage fest sometimes). Needless to say, Capcom's 2D sprite artists went crazy with her animations! Don't miss her TFG animations page, below! 

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