Lee Rekka


Lee hails from China, where he learned a special form of Martial art that allows the user to control fire and involves the use of fans and powerful kicks. One day, he witnessed a “red star” (the opening of “Hell's Gate”). Knowing it to be a sign of great evil, he travels from his homeland of China to stop the evil before it spreads across the world.

After the closing of the Gate, he remained in Japan. He continued to study and improve his skills in the martial arts while earning a modest living at a nearby farm. When he senses the re-opening of Hell’s Gate, he stops his training to investigate once more.

There are two variation of his ending in The Last Blade 2, one that indicates that he took the wrong ship and ended in America instead of returning China. The other shows him continuing his training around the world, starting with America. Lee Rekka is based on the real-life legendary Chinese martial arts master from Foshan, Wong Fei Hung, and how he is portrayed in historical action movies, more prominently by Jet Li.

The Last Blade


The Last Blade 2, Last Blade: Pocket, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated:  Apr. 27th, 2020

His traditional outfit and ancient Chinese style of martial arts is great, and clearly resembles Wong Fei Hung from several Jet Li movies... an awesome fan service to Jet Li fans no doubt. ;) Overall, Lee fits into the Last Blade series very well and is defined by his flashy special moves, all of which are animated quite well. His personality could've been shown a bit better in the game, but otherwise, a cool design.

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