Kuki Tohma


Tohma was the other son of the great samurai legend, the fantastic Kuki, and in order to live up to his heritage, Tohma trained everyday since he was very young in order to become a true samurai one day. However, his true intentions were far from being closely similiar to that of a real samurai. Hungry for power and strength, Tohma always seeked more and more, despite being an already incredible swordsman. In his eternal quest for more power, Tohma became irrational and totally maniacal. Ignoring the warnings of his brother Seishiro and his fellow sparring partners, Tohma set his sight on one thing: the Blade of the Flaming Sun of his father, that was said to grant incredible strength to its owner. One night, Tohma stole the sword from its resting place, and after being witness of its demonic power, he decided to test it...on his own father. After killing him with ease, Tohma departed on a journey to destroy the souls of the worthiest warriors.

His quest led him to be prosecuted by the Bafuku government, so he decided to hide out in a local Buddhist temple in the middle of the forest. There he met a fair maiden called Mikoto, whom he didn't pay much attention, but accepted her in his travel. Their journey finally arrived at the prison island of Riten Kyo. Tohma and Mikoto proved to be more than powerful enough than your regular grunt, which caught the eye of the criminal stageleader of Riten Kyo, the elderly old man, Oboro. Soon enough, Tohma became the most feared warrior of the Razor Trio, and the main extermination goal of the Bafuku government.


Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage


Card Fighters Clash 2



Page Updated:  June 12th, 2020

Tohma has that new age samurai vibe about him. With hair like Jin Kazama, a cool jacket, and sexy hakama pants... how can you go wrong? I must say I really like his color scheme. It's not over the top, and it works. As far as his fighting style goes, his two-handed sword style is pretty cool and contrasts Seishiro's.

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