Kuki Seishiro


Seishiro is the son of one of the greatest samurai that has ever existed: the great Kuki. Since he was very young, Seishiro began his training as a servant to his lord, another samurai of legend. Back then, he had to compete in a ferocious way with his own brother, Tohma Kuki, in order to prove who was the worthiest warrior. However, Seishiro's abilities came out naturally. His skill with the sword was unsurpassed, and few met his match. Soon, he was joined in his training by his father's friend, Jin-Emon Hanafusa, and by yet another talented student, Jushiro Sakaki.

However, Seishiro wasn't the friendly type: so self-absorbed in training made him bitter against other people, and rarely talked at all, being sometimes very rude. However, his strong appearance is very fragile, since he likes to take casual naps, at anytime. One night, his father appeared dead, and the Blade of the Flaming Sun was missing. So was Tohma. Suspecting Tohma had killed his father, Seishiro decides to join Jin-Emon in his task to recover order in the prison island of Riten Kyo, where the Razor Trio and Tohma terrorized the general population, ordered by the Bafuku. With no shown hate in his face, Seishiro takes the journey of his life, with his father's other sword, the Full Moon Blade.


Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage





Page Updated:  Aug. 21st, 2021

Seishiro is a cool samurai design in my eyes. Not over-the-top visually, cool swirly anime hair, and a fighting style has a very traditional Kendo flavor to it. Compared to some of the classic characters of Samurai Shodown, Seishiro's moveset isn't as exciting or colorful... but his traditional Kendo movements are pretty cool and definitely suit the game. Seishiro has a naturally cool style overall and some bitchin' hair for sure.

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