Kasumi Todoh

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Kasumi is Ryuhaku Todoh's daughter. After her father's defeat and disappearance in Art of Fighting, she went looking for Ryo Sakazaki to get revenge. However, her mother Shizuka doesn't exactly approve of this. Kasumi grew up learning the Todoh school of Aikido and Kobujutsu, taught to her by her father. As her family's sole heir, she does all she can to stand up for the Todoh way. When Ryuhaku stayed at South Town to settle an old score with a man named Takuma Sakazaki, Kasumi remained in her house, waiting for her father's return. A couple of months later, she got some bad news: Ryuhaku had been defeated by Ryo Sakazaki, Takuma's son and hasn't been seen since. She decided to fight Ryo and anybody else in order to avenge her father. Unfortunately enough, her mother, Shizuko, did not like that idea. Eventually, she makes peace with him, and returns to Japan with her mother.

(A neat character trait of Kasumi is that she doesn't know a word English, meaning everything she says in AOF3 she has to look up in a dictionary. However, it seems this was lost in the American translation as she doesn't seem to have a problem.)

In the King of Fighters '96 tournament, Kasumi is referred to the event by King. She greets and tests her other teammate, Mai Shiranui, through a short martial arts scuffle. Overjoyed to participate in a grand event with worthy teammates, she becomes a member of the Womens Team. After she left to search for her father, Kasumi clashes with the antagonistic waitress, Xiangfei, before the 1999 tournament. By chance, King and Mary stop their fight and ask them to be their teammates. She is called by Yuri to be a member the next year and gracefully accepts.

Thinking to have spotted her father during the 2000 tournament, Kasumi remains unreachable until The King of Fighters XI, when Malin gets in contact with her. Once Kasumi reports Takuma's hospitalized state to him, Eiji Kisaragi's interests are perked, and he agrees to be a part of their team. Forming the Anti Kyokugenryu team, the trio continue to spy on their rivals throughout the tournament. In their team's ending, Kasumi seems more focused on finding her father over beating her rivals, but the three of them ended up being knocked out by an irritated King.
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Art of Fighting 3

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The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, The King of Fighters XI, SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighter Clash DS, KOF: R2

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Page Updated:  Sept. 4th, 2022

Kasumi is one of the first examples of "RULE 63" in the fighting game realm. She got her pop's iconic "wave" special move. :) At first glance, Kasumi is an "honest" female martial artist design. She seems like nice girl with a good head on her shoulders... y'know, maybe the type of girl you'd bring home to Mom. It's cool how Kasumi took the place of Todo in AOF3... although, I kinda miss that old goof. 

Kasumi is a little dull in personality, but she has some cool aspects. My favorite part of her original (AOF3) design is the fact that she doesn't speak English and has to translate everything via dictionary. ^_^ However, Kasumi's moveset is somewhat bland compared to others. Aikido is an amazing and beautiful martial art, but unfortunately, Kasumi doesn't portray it very authentically. However, her blend of Aikido (with whatever other martial arts she does) looked pretty cool in AOF3. Like others in AOF3, she has sick animations. Sadly, her 2D sprite in the KOF series didn't fare nearly as well. In fact, Kasumi might have one of the ugliest sprites in the entire KOF series. :( Poor Kasumi. For comparison's sake, similar characters like Aoi, Asuka, and even Hokuto actually do the art of Aikido more justice. But you're still cool Kasumi... keep gettin' them good grades.

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