Huitzil / Phobos

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The Huitzil robots were created by Pyron, and were given orders to destroy all life on the planet. After eliminating the dinosaurs, they were buried deep under the Earth by a great earthquake. Their functions remained dead for many years. Many years later (around 520 AD), the Huitzil were found by the ancient Mayans and were programmed to perform for many purposes. Their sole purpose was to protect Central America from invaders.

Later, they were put into the Teotihuacan ruins for another long sleep. However, when Pyron returned to Earth, one of the robots awakened again and prepared to complete its given orders once again. Later, due to a malfunction, Huitzil carried out new orders: to protect a young boy named Cecil. When the primary unit, who befriended Cecil, was destroyed protecting him from Jedah, its last act was the reactivation of all the Huitzil units to protect Cecil. Huitzil's visual design is based on dogu figures, which are small humanoid figurines made during the late Jomon period of Japan.


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Page Updated:  Jan. 10th, 2022

Huitzil is a pretty interesting robot design. Visually, he's a big, scary man-eating Japanese robot and all, but he's also strangely cute(?) in a way, too? lol. I mean look at his face... don't you wanna just give him a hug? ^^ You probably shouldn't give him a hug, seeing as he was a machine designed to destroy all life on Earth. That's you.

As we all know, robots will eventually take over the world and kill us all. That said, you could say this archetype fits into the Darkstalkers rather well. The little kid that follows Huitzil around is a cool contrast to Huitzil, and also an interesting part of his design... showing that Huitzil may have a soft or "human" side. Huitzils also play a pretty awesome role in the Darkstalkers storyline, and were fleshed out quite well in the Darkstalkers anime. On a random side note: I was watching an documentary on aliens and the subject of "dogu figures" came up. One of them looked damn near identical to Huitzil (especially the face), and that's when I learned Huitzil's visual design is actually based on dogu figures! ...Interesting stuff.

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