Erick is a member of a proud Viking clan. He roams the seas, expanding the might of the Vikings. When confronted about the tournament, he enters it, saying that the Viking pride will not let him lose. He is based off of the Viking sailor and founder of the first Nordic settlement in Greenland, Erik the Red.
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Page Updated:  Apr. 27th, 2020

Vikings are cool. This one eats a lot... Look at that gut. I'm worried about this dude's heart. Check your blood pressure, man. As a design, Erik is rather generic. He looks like he's right out of a 90's 2D side-scroller; a baddie who disappears after he dies. Besides being strangely obese for an "active" viking (allegedly), there's not much to his design. He kinda looks like Santa as a viking. Did he ever have a red / white alternate color? He should've.

In fairness, Erik is a memorable World Heroes character. It's cool he's based off of a real Viking (although I'm sure Erik The Red was a cooler dude IRL and in much better shape). One thing I'll give this Erik him credit for: He was one of the first and few "fat" fighting game characters of the 90's. I'll admit I've never seen a 2D sprite shaped quite like Erik. He's 6 rolls short of a bakery. Indeed, we're back to talking about his fatness again. On that note, we've got time for one more fat joke. Erik is so fat and out of shape... that he can't even pick up weapon suitable for his size. Are you kidding me? A bloke with this much brawn should be able to wield a GREAT AXE or a LARGE HAMMER. What are you doing with that tiny children's axe, Erik?

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