Captain Kidd


Captain Kidd is a pirate who enjoys women, casinos, sea, gold and wine... like any pirate should. After he robbed all of the treasures he could find, he joined the World Heroes tournament. He is based off of William "Captain" Kidd.
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World Heroes 2


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Page Updated:  Apr. 27th, 2020

Captain Kidd is a fairly generic-looking pirate... but he's probably one of the most easily-likeable characters from World Heroes (while some others are more of an acquired taste). Capt. Kidd is far less outlandish than some of the other World Heroes character designs and actually seems like a proper fighter. The bloke can throw an actual punch... I can respect that.

While there's nothing particularly original or exciting about Captain Kidd's appearance (I mean, he just looks like any common pirate with some status), C. Kidd's special moves and projectiles were pretty original for the time, and cool to look at, at least. On that note, he's got one of the cleanest sprites in the WH series IMO. I think he would've made a pretty decent guest character in one of the SNK / crossovers. For the record, Ruby Heart and Capt. Kidd would make a pretty cool team. They even match, color-wise. Maybe someday, Kidd!

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