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A football player, who joined Heavy D! and Lucky Glauber in the Sports Team of The King of Fighters '94. Despite being named MVP of the year, he had a violent behavior and only found pleasure in tackling his opponents. He was asked by Heavy D to fill in the missing spot to the three man team, to which he agreed. In their non-canonical team ending of the King of Fighters '94 tournament, Brian claimed he was going to return to playing football for his fans. A running gag seems to exist with the USA Sports team, where they will receive invitations to that year's KOF tournament, only to be beaten senseless and have their invitations stolen from them by another team.

Unfortunately, Brian's football team was in the Superbowl 1995, so the team couldn't join KOF '95. They never never returned after that, except for their dream match appearance in 1998. An official artwork shows Seth, Vanessa and Ramon beating their team, so it's possible that they simply didn't qualify for KOF 2000. Brian is said to have come from an earlier SNK game, Football Frenzy.
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The King of Fighters '94


The King of Fighters '98The King of Fighters '98: Unlimited Match


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Page Updated:  Aug. 26th, 2020

Even though I live in the USA, I never cared much about football. There are so many better things you can be doing on a Sunday (or Monday) besides getting drunk / watching "the game" FFS. That said, Brian is a character I always enjoyed beating up. Even if you don't agree with my "biased" opinion, Brian only appeared as a playable character in like 2 games... and I'm not surprised, bitch. He mostly looks dumb, has poor animation, and his moveset is just silly. Even so, I'll admit he's a memorable old school KOF character. His shoulder guard thingy is kinda cool (but everyone who wears a shoulder guard thingy looks cool... Ask Cloud). For what it's worth, I like Brian's 2020 "genderbend" version from KOF: All Star (above) more than his original design. lol.

Unless you're a Dallas Cowboys fan... you've probably never chosen Brian in KOF. Admit it. Nobody really chooses him in KOF, unless you want to lose. It's easy to see why SNK canned his design early and didn't bring him back in any sequels. (Never say never? Meh. Don't do it SNK). This BRO-BRO disappeared from KOF rosters and only appeared in backgrounds & endings post '98. Poor Brian. He got chosen last, but he seems like he's used to it. Now get back to the great sport of football and getting weekly head injuries. -_- 

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