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A 28-year-old sumo wrestler who currently holds the title of Sekiwake. Akatsuki-Maru is considered the best sumo wrestler in the 20th century, and is soon to be given the honor of Yokozuna. He decides to show his power and skill not only to the sumo fans, but to all of the world.


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Page Updated:  Jan. 4th, 2021

Akatsuki-maru definitely isn't the first fighting game Sumo Wrestler but is the first one on the alphabet. ;) Let's start with some fun facts about Sumo Wrestlers: Sumo wrestlers eat lots of healthy and delicious food like Chanko Nabe soup as part of a weight gain diet. I wonder if Hinako eats lots of that stuff.

Anyway, Akatsuki-maru is a pretty traditional-looking Sumo. No nonsense about him. In the fighting game universe, he appears a bit bland. His facial structure resembles Ganryu in particular. He seems a lot smaller than Taka-Arashi, however. I bet all three of them are friends and eat at the same Chanko Nabe restaurant.

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