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UDON Final Fight Comic Series Releasing July 2024


This week, UDON Entertainment announced a Final Fight comic series launching in July 2024. The 4-issue series is written by Chris Sarracini and features illustrations by Joe Ng, Edwin Huang, and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz. Characters from Capcom's iconic beat-em-up series have been making appearances in Street Fighter games since the Street Fighter Alpha days, and UDON's new comic looks to flesh out some of these storylines and interactions. Below, check out the first cover artwork of UDON's upcoming Final Fight comic.


Additionally, UDON announced and revealed the cover artwork (above) for their upcoming "Street Fighter Vs. Final Fight" free issue coming in May 2024 for Free Comic Book Day.
From UDON Comics: "In this special Capcom crossover issue, the World Warriors come to blows with the heroes of Metro City across multiple eras of fighting game history! It's a martial arts-fueled feud that reaches from the time of the original Final Fight 1, all the way up to the modern day Street Fighter 6!" 
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