Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 

TEKKEN 7 Season 4 New Moves Overview / Tutorial


Following the addition of Kunimitsu, there are now 50 playable fighters in TEKKEN 7 each equipped with 100+ moves. The deep movesets, complex movement system, and Okizemi (ground game) makes TEKKEN 7 a difficult game for most casual (and even some mid-level) fighting game players to fully comprehend. Thankfully, 1000's of comprehensive pro-player-created tutorials of all kinds exist on YouTube to help players get better at the game. On that note, TBS | Arya recently released an incredibly well-made overview / tutorial all about the new moves introduced in Season 4. The video runs through every new move added in Season 4 outlining their strengths and weaknesses. As a tournament player since 2005 (in TEKKEN 5) who still loves ranking up in TEKKEN 7 online in 2020 (and soon 2021)... I consider this video an absolute must watch from start to finish if you want to level up your game in S4.

           Check out more videos by That Blasted Salami | Arya on his YouTube channel. 

 Source:  That Blasted Salami (YouTube)TBS / Arya (Twitter)

TEKKEN - The Mishima Hairline (Animation)

If you've been itching for a new TEKKEN movie... the wait is over. The best TEKKEN comedy movie has arrived it even sticks to the original storyline and it's only two and a half minutes long. YouTuber / Animator Speedoru released TEKKEN - The Mishima Hairline today, which dives deep into the backstory and history of the Mishimas and explains why Kazuya originally sought revenge against Heihachi.
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