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WWE's Zelina Vega Enters 2023 Royal Rumble as Juri, Lends Voice as Street Fighter 6 Commentator


WWE Superstar Zelina Vega surprised fans in attendance and those watching the 2023 Royal Rumble on Saturday night with an epic Street Fighter 6 Juri Han "cosplay" for the history books. Entering the Rumble at #21, Zelina is seen holding Juri's lollypop and cell phone from SF6 as she heads towards the ring. Zelina's entrance included the SF6 logo on her titantron and during the live crowd cam, with the Royal Rumble announcers also promoting Capcom's upcoming fighting game. This official cross promotion gets even better with an epic performance by Zelina... who battles an opponent (Xia Li) in a "Street Fighter / 2D style" fight scene taking place on the narrow ring apron, outside the ropes. She even eliminates her opponent with a move closely resembling Juri's Super Art from Street Fighter 6. (See our clip below!)

Moments after Zelina Vega's impressive run at the 2023 Royal Rumble, Capcom confirmed WWE Superstar Thea Trinidad (her real name) for Street Fighter 6's Real Time Commentary Feature. The official trailer from Capcom (below) contains a preview of Trinidad's in-game commentary for Street Fighter 6.


If you ask me... this is cross promotion at its absolute BEST!
[UPDATE] Also take a closer look at the custom Juri Han Nike AF1 sneakers worn by Zelena Vega at the 2023 Royal Rumble and read more about them in the new article. The sneakers were designed by Dan Gamache, better known as "Mache".

Shoutout to Zelina Vega (@ZelinaVegaWWE) for a great performance at the 2023 Royal Rumble and a now unforgettable homage to Street Fighter. This actually isn't Zelina's first time cosplaying a Street Fighter character at a live WWE event, as she previously appeared in Vega-inspired ring attire during one of her entrances. (Photo below!)

On social media, Zelina has become known in recent years for cosplaying a variety of other characters from comics and video games, including some from the likes of Mortal Kombat, League of Legends, Pokemon, and DC Comics. Thanks for reading the article and a huge WWE-sized thanks for the follow on Twitter, @ZelinaVegaWWE!

~Frank Joseph, | @Fighters_Gen


 Sources:  Street Fighter (YouTube)@ZelinaVegaWWE                 Related Tweet:  @Fighters_Gen

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