Fatal Fury: First Contact

REVIEWFatal Fury: First Contact is basically a "pocket-remix" of Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, featuring most of the same gameplay elements, characters, and backgrounds of the original game. First Contact also featured exclusive character Lao (the fighter who was defeated by Xiangfei & Rick in the animated intro in RBFF2), playable only in the 2-player versus mode.

Love that chibi art style.

First Contact
is the second fighting game to be ported specifically for the Neo Geo Pocket, and sports some pretty quality graphics with "chibi-style" sprites and artwork. The gameplay actually feels a lot like Real Bout 2, and was a fun and simple handheld fighter at the time. SNK did an awesome job of transforming the Real Bout cast into tiny, big-headed sprites, which still retained nearly all of their moves and even personalities... the facial expressions during gameplay are priceless.


What a cute Raging Storm!



Page Updated: January 13th, 2020
Developer(s): SNK
Publisher(s): SNK
Platform(s): Neo Geo Pocket
Release Date(s): April 30th, 1999
Characters Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi, Andy Bogard, Rick Strowd, Alfred Airhawk, Mai Shiranui, Billy Kane, Kim Kapwhan, Wolfgang Krauser, Ruyji Yamazaki, Li Xiangfei, Lao

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Gameplay Engine  6.5 / 10
Story / Theme  6.0 / 10
Overall Graphics  7.5 / 10
Animation  6.5 / 10
Music / Sound Effects  6.5 / 10
Innovation  5.0 / 10
Art Direction  8.0 / 10
Customization  4.0 / 10
Options / Extras  2.0 / 10
Intro / Presentation  6.0 / 10
Replayability / Fun  6.0 / 10
"Ouch" Factor  5.5 / 10
Characters  7.5 / 10

 6.6 / 10



Final Words: Fatal Fury: 1st Contact shouldn't be missed by any hardcore fan of the Fatal Fury Real Bout series. It's not the deepest or most fun fighter on the Neo Geo Pocket... but for nostalgia value and it's cute style of charm, it's pretty much must have title for any NeoGeo Pocket Color owner.  ~TFG Webmaster