Re Verse


Re Verse first appeared in The King of Fighters XV as the game's sub-boss. Similar to its first incarnation, Verse, Re Verse is an embodiment of negative energy and rages like a fire. However, Re Verse is more feral in nature, often talking in a language unknown to humans and more prone to shrieking. According to Heidern's report in the edit team ending of KOF XV, Re Verse is alleged to appear at the end of the world to collect souls for a greater god, presumably for Otoma=Raga.


The King of Fighters XV




Page Updated:  Feb. 18th, 2023

SNK was shameless enough to "Rule 63" their own character from the previous KOF game. Female version = NEW BOSS! In case you haven't figured it out yet... Re Verse is basically a female version of the game's previous final boss, Verse. In my opinion, the original Verse was a pretty boring and disappointing SNK boss... lacking any real personality or excitement.

Re Verse? An improvement... but not by a whole lot. Re Verse has some claw and bite techniques, so she has an animalistic style much different from Verse. Her animations are somewhat cool, but I found her not to be very challenging (and disappointing for that reason). Earlier, I was complaining Verse was too difficult! (Not really.) The reason she was easy? She's just the sub-boss. The final boss Otoma=Raga is her evolution. Overall... Re Verse is less annoying and a better design than the original Verse, for sure.

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