Heidern is known as the General of the Soldiers of Fortune. After losing his family, he created the Ikari Warriors, his own Mercenary Unit. He has a cold personality due to the loss of his family and his eye; He is an experienced strategist, especially when trying to stop an important threat.

Eight years before the events of The King of Fighters '94, Heidern was 34 years old and was promoted to his current rank for his proficiency in martial arts and strategy. His promotion took place at a top-secret base in Brazil and his wife and daughter were present for the ceremony. Before this event,
Rugal learned of Heidern's promotion and high marks. While Heidern was away, Rugal stormed the base, killing fifty secret service officers on arrival. When Heidern returned to base, Rugal defeated him and deprived him of his right eye, deeming him unfit to be a part of his collection. After this, he murdered Heidern's wife and child. Afterwards, Heidern was left disgraced and alone. He soon developed his own fighting style and mercenary unit, the Ikari Warriors. Since then, he pursued Rugal to avenge his family.

Sometime before the King of Fighters tournaments, he stumbled upon a little girl who was the last survivor of a destroyed village. Her name was Leona and she was suffering from severe amnesia. Heidern decided to adopt her and care for her. He originally forbid her to partake in any training but eventually decided it would be good for her and the current situation. However, he refused to give Leona a formal rank, which is his way of protecting her from some of the dangers on the battlefield.

In The King of Fighters '96, he assigns Leona to join Ralf and Clark on the Ikari Warriors team, taking his place while he issues orders from the sidelines. He plays a major part in the NESTS Saga of the series, as the Ikari Warriors are on a mission to destroy the NESTS group. Heidern researches the incidents surrounding the mysterious group Those From the Past. When Leona experiences the Riot of the Blood after the 2003 tournament, he orders her to sit out of the next tournament so that she can recover. After hearing Ralf and Clark's assessment of Leona, he decides to let her enter the tournament once again. He orders them to investigate whatever role Those from the Past and Rose Bernstein have in the KOF XIII tournament.

The King of Fighters '94



King of Fighters '95, King of Fighters '98, King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match, King of Fighters 2001, King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, King of Fighters XIV, King of Fighters XV, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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(In best Jean Claude Van Damme voice) ... "I used to think Heidern was some kind of Bison wannabe... but I later learned Heidern more closely resembles the Colonel from Fist of the North Star." Even so, I'm still not a fan of generic ol' Heidern and find him to be pretty boring as fighting game character design, especially when considering other (more exciting) KOF characters and fighting game characters of the era Heidern is from.

If you ask me, Heidern's moves and personality fall under the "stiff" category. His original stance from KOF '94 makes me laugh... he looks like he's scratching his butt. lol. His stance and overall appearance in KOF '98 was much improved, but his design hasn't really evolved much  since then. In fairness, Heidern has played an interesting role in the KOF storyline (and made some cool cameos in later installments), but as a standalone character... he still pales in comparison to similar designs in terms of originality, moveset, and excitement. It would seem SNK somewhat agrees with me, because they didn't put him in many titles.

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